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"The heart-centered anchor that spiritual cacao is, makes it much more likely that wherever one is going, it is with more love and less fear."

Keith Wilson, "The Chocolate Shaman"

Owner of Keith's Cacao


Cacao Softens the Mind

and Opens the Heart

Ceremonial Cacao is the Perfect Companion to
Inner Exploration and Self-Realization

Cacao isn't just a superfood. It's a completely legal, non-psychedelic plant medicine.

With the highest concentration of the "bliss chemical" found in food, and the same chemical that your brain makes when you fall in love,

cacao is the food of Love.


It allows one to feel calm and safe enough to explore emotions and memories that have been repressed and ignored, and to do so without fear.

Cacao holds your hand as you explore your unconscious in a way that is healing, creates awareness, and channels endless inspiration.

Available Cacao Ceremonies
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Virtual Ceremony

Come home to your heart fire.

Experience Arielle's intuitive and somatic method, facilitated by Mama Cacao.

No Cacao is needed for your participation. Just bring you.

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Host Your Own

Private Ceremony

Book a private event for you and your community

Enhance connection, bring communal healing, and enjoy bliss

Perfect for friends, partners, and coworkers

Virtual Cacao Ceremonies

Want to Order Ceremonial Cacao?

I always use Keith's Ceremonial Cacao - the original - because it's picked specifically for its low caffeine content, making it ideal for inner work.

Click below to order some Ceremonial Cacao and receive a discount on me! Just use code: ARIELLE at checkout.

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